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Black Histories

ISSN: 2832-5281eISSN: 2832-529X

Black Histories: Dialogues is a biannual, peer reviewed journal that publishes original and current research on a global understanding of the histories of people of African descent. The journal takes a multi-disciplinary approach within historical studies, including the social, intellectual, economic, political, and financial. Black Histories aims to showcase original research around intersectional themes such as race, class, gender, and identity as well as focusing on economic and/or socio-political issues within a historical framework. The journal seeks to encourage studies of Black Britain and the wider African diaspora as well as continental African societies, through a lens that will foreground complex and multi-layered themes through critical analyses. 

Black Histories: Dialogues recognizes the academic value of diverse perspectives and seeks submissions from scholars at all career stages and from all geographic regions. The journal publishes research articles and book reviews. Both general content and special issue topics will be published.

Readership includes students and academics in historical studies, cultural studies, ethnic studies, African studies, African history, British history, history of the Americas, gender studies, Caribbean studies, Afro-European history, and commonwealth history.

Editors strongly encourage the submission of video abstracts with all accepted manuscripts, please read more on video abstracts here:

#Tear: Revista de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia

ISSN: 2238-8079eISSN: 2238-8079

#Tear: Journal of Education, Science and Technology emerged in 2011 as a proposal by the research project "Network Reading: Textual Genres, Media and Reading Encouragement" (PROBITI / FAPERGS), held at the Canoas Campus of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Sul (IFRS), under the coordination of Professor Cimara Valim de Melo. The Editorial Board currently includes professors from IFRS and the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Since 2019, the Executive Committee is comprised of IFRS servers and students of the Postgraduate Programme in Science Education at UFRGS. The journal is also linked to the Master Programme in Informatics for Education (MPIE) at IFRS Porto Alegre Campus.

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''Anil Islam: Jurnal Kebudayaan dan Ilmu Keislaman

eISSN: 2528-7532
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(Des)troços: revista de pensamento radical

eISSN: 2763-518X
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(En)clave Comahue

eISSN: 2545-6393
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027.7 : Zeitschrift für Bibliothekskultur

eISSN: 2296-0597
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eISSN: 0719-5737
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eISSN: 1988-2963
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1616: Anuario de Literatura Comparada

ISSN: 0210-7287eISSN: 2445-2262
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16:9 : a Danish Journal of Film Studies

ISSN: 1603-5194
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1700-tal: Nordic Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies

ISSN: 1652-4772eISSN: 2001-9866
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19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century

eISSN: 1755-1560

‘A few scholarly ventures have defined the early history of peer-reviewed online research and publication in the humanities. 19 is one of them.’
Jerome McGann, founder of the Rossetti Archive and author of Radiant Textuality: Literary Studies after the World Wide Web (Palgrave/St. Martin's Press, 2001)

19 is an open access, scholarly, peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to advancing interdisciplinary study in the long nineteenth century. Based at Birkbeck, 19’s editorial team comprises Dr Carolyn Burdett (general editor); Dr Victoria Mills (editorial responsibility for the journal’s visual content); and Dr David Gillott (assistant editor with overview of publication processes). The journal was originally conceived as a means to extend the activities of Birkbeck’s Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies by making the high-quality, original scholarship presented at its Forum, conferences, symposia, and other events available to an international audience.

Launched in October 2005 as the first free online journal of its kind in nineteenth-century studies, 19 is a popular and valuable resource for nineteenth-century scholars across the globe. The journal has established a reputation for publishing field-defining work in both traditional and innovative ways, and it remains committed to this aim.

We publish two themed issues annually, curated by a guest editor, and consisting of a collection of peer-reviewed articles showcasing the broadest range of new research in nineteenth-century studies, as well as additional special forums advancing critical debate in the field. We seek to explore, utilize, and advance the digital possibilities of our publishing platform in presenting the nineteenth century to a wide readership.

In February 2009 19 aggregated with NINES, allowing readers to search, collect, tag, and share 19 content using the NINES collex interface. As academic publishing moves forward into the open-access future, 19 continues to innovate and pursue the highest standards in electronic scholarly publishing. In 2015, the year of the journal’s tenth anniversary, 19joined the Open Library of Humanities. Founded by Professor Martin Eve and Dr Caroline Edwards (both at Birkbeck), the OLH provides an ethically sound and sustainable open access model for humanities research.

Readers of 19 can choose to access articles in downloadable PDF form, or via a web browser as html pages. Our new site enhances 19’s supplementary features, allowing us to present a rich array of audio and visual material alongside more traditional format scholarly essays.

We invite you to:

  • Explore: browse our archive.
  • Debate: we invite readers to comment on and discuss article and image content, to join critical debates, and offer new perspectives on material.
  • Research: draw on an extensive range of nineteenth-century online resources via our reading tools to enhance your research. Conveniently set up to enable you to search for terms or references alongside reading articles, 19 makes use of web 2.0 technologies to aid your research, encouraging you to discover new links and make fresh connections between material and ideas.
  • Learn: our articles are freely available to view and print, making 19 a valuable educational resource for students and teachers of nineteenth-century studies alike. By enabling new pathways to other materials and resources, 19 is an exciting and inspiring point-of-call for inquisitive learners. 
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19th-Century Music

ISSN: 0148-2076eISSN: 1533-8606

19th-Century Music publishes articles on all aspects of music having to do with the #!#!long#!#! nineteenth century. The period of coverage has no definite boundaries; it can extend well backward into the eighteenth century and well forward into the twentieth. Published tri-annually, the journal is open to studies of any musical or cultural development that affected nineteenth-century music and any such developments that nineteenth-century music subsequently affected. The topics are as diverse as the long century itself. They include music of any type or origin and include, but are not limited to, issues of composition, performance, social and cultural context, hermeneutics, aesthetics, music theory, analysis, documentation, gender, sexuality, history, and historiography.

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American Antiquity

ISSN: 0002-7316eISSN: 2325-5064

The choice of the title indicates the intent of the editors to expand the boundaries of traditional art history by integrating all methodologies and subject matter related to images and visual phenomena around the globe. The journal seeks to publish methodologically and theoretically rigorous contributions that can claim a relevance for their topic beyond exemplary single-case studies.

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2D Materials

eISSN: 2053-1583

2D Materials™ (2DM) aims to curate the most significant and cutting-edge research being undertaken in the field of two-dimensional materials science and engineering. Serving an expanding multidisciplinary community of researchers and technologists, our goal is to develop a selective journal dedicated to bringing together the most important new results and perspectives from across the discipline. Submissions should be essential reading for a particular sub-field and should also be of multidisciplinary interest to the wider community, with the expectation that published work will have a significant impact.

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3 Biotech

ISSN: 2190-572XeISSN: 2190-5738

medicine, biomedical sciences, agriculture, environment

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eISSN: 2254-6529
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3C on-line

ISSN: 1078-2192

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

ISSN: 2329-7662eISSN: 2329-7670
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3D Printing in Medicine

eISSN: 2365-6271
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3D Research

eISSN: 2092-6731
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3L: Language, Linguistics, Literature

ISSN: 0128-5157
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3c Tecnologia

ISSN: 2254-4143
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452º F : Revista de Teoría de la Literatura y Literatura Comparada

ISSN: 2013-3294
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49th Parallel : an Interdisciplinary Journal of North America

ISSN: 1753-5794
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ISSN: 1619-4500eISSN: 1614-2411

4OR is jointly published by the Belgian, French, and Italian Operations Research Societies. Published quarterly, the journal features high quality papers on the theory and application of operations research. Rapid dissemination of important results is a hallmark of the journal.In addition to publishing original research findings, the journal publishes state-of-the-art surveys written by prominent researchers. The journal’s industry section features case studies as well as papers on operations research techniques in industry and on open industrial problems.Educational papers help improve the quality of operations research teaching. The PhD section publishes selected abstracts of recent PhD theses. Officially cited as: 4OR-Q J Oper Res

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eISSN: 2557-0250
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Revista Estúdio, Artistas Sobre Outras Obras

ISSN: 1647-6158eISSN: 1647-7316
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ISSN: 1765-2723
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eISSN: 1715-9261
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A + U-Architecture and Urbanism

ISSN: 0389-9160

A Contracorriente

ISSN: 1548-7083
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A Cor das Letras

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A Current Bibliography on African Affairs

ISSN: 0011-3255eISSN: 2376-6662
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A Economia em Revista

ISSN: 1413-6090eISSN: 2236-2029
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A Journal of Physical Sciences

ISSN: 1865-7109eISSN: 0932-0784
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A obra nasce

ISSN: 1645-8729
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A&A Practice

ISSN: 2575-3126
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ISSN: 1516-3210eISSN: 1984-4182

A&P Continuidad

ISSN: 2362-6089eISSN: 2362-6097
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A+BE | Architecture and the Built Environment

ISSN: 2212-3202eISSN: 2214-7233
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A.M.A. American Journal of Diseases of Children

ISSN: 0096-8994

A.M.A. Archives of Dermatology and Syphilology

ISSN: 0096-5979

A.M.A. Archives of Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Medicine

ISSN: 0096-6703

A.M.A. archives of dermatology

ISSN: 0096-5359

A.M.A. archives of industrial health

ISSN: 0567-3933

A.M.A. archives of internal medicine

ISSN: 0888-2479

A.M.A. archives of neurology

ISSN: 0375-8540

Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry (1919-1959)

ISSN: 0096-6886
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A.M.A. archives of ophthalmology

ISSN: 0096-6339

A.M.A. archives of otolaryngology

ISSN: 0096-6894

A.M.A. archives of pathology

ISSN: 0096-6711

A.M.A. archives of surgery

ISSN: 0096-6908

AAA, Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik

ISSN: 0171-5410


ISSN: 1988-5180eISSN: 1988-5180

AACE Clinical Case Reports

ISSN: 2376-0605

AACL Bioflux

ISSN: 1844-8143eISSN: 1844-9166
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AACN Advanced Critical Care

ISSN: 1559-7768eISSN: 1559-7776

AACN Advanced Critical Care offers more support to keep your critical care practice up to date. The journal has broadened its scope to cover the full range of critical care challenges, including moral distress in caregivers, understanding advanced modes of mechanical ventilation and preventing and managing complications of critical illness. In addition, the journal delivers the newest, most crucial advice on such topics as dealing with complex ECG rhythms, new critical care drugs and leading-edge technologies.As an official publication of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, AACN Advanced Critical Care is the premier source of information for the critical care and acute care nurse, CNS and NP. AACN members enjoy exclusive savings off the regular subscription rates. AACN members call 1-800-638-3030 to receive your special member rate.Website:

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AACN clinical issues

ISSN: 1079-0713eISSN: 1538-9812

AANA Journal

ISSN: 0094-6354

AAPG Bulletin

ISSN: 0149-1423

The AAPG Bulletin is a technical journal that is recognized in the industry as the leading peer-reviewed publication for information on geoscience and the associated technology of the energy industry. The Bulletin is received monthly online or in print by all members.

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AAPG Memoir

ISSN: 0271-8529
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AAPPS Bulletin

ISSN: 0218-2203
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AAPS Advances in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Series

ISSN: 2210-7371eISSN: 2210-738X

AAPS Journal

ISSN: 1550-7416

The AAPS Journal is an online-only journal publishing peer-reviewed scholarly reviews, themed issues and research articles within the entire scope of the pharmaceutical sciences encompassed by the AAPS membership. The Journal particularly aims to foster the dissemination of scientific information presented at AAPS-sponsored meetings, workshops and symposia, through the publication of invited reviews in themed issues. Additionally, guest editors are invited to organize special themed issues on scientific subjects of current interest. Submission of uninvited expert reviews and research articles in all areas of pharmaceutical sciences are welcomed, although manuscripts focused on pharmaceutical formulation, technology and engineering should be directed to our sister e-journal, AAPS PharmSciTech. The AAPS Journal publishes four issues a year.

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eISSN: 2364-9534
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AAPS PharmSci

ISSN: 1522-1059

AAPS PharmSciTech

eISSN: 1530-9932
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AARN news letter

ISSN: 0001-0197

AAS History Series

ISSN: 0730-3564
Publisher: Univelt, Inc.

AASA Journal of Scholarship and Practice

ISSN: 1550-9850eISSN: 1931-6569
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AATCC Journal of Research

ISSN: 2472-3444eISSN: 2330-5517
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AATCC Review

ISSN: 1532-8813

AAUP Journal of Academic Freedom

ISSN: 2153-8492
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ISSN: 2166-4072eISSN: 2164-9731

American Bar Association Journal

ISSN: 0747-0088

ABAC Journal

ISSN: 0858-0855


ISSN: 2007-4204eISSN: 2448-6132

ABB Review

ISSN: 1013-3119

ABC - časopis urgentne medicine

ISSN: 1451-1053eISSN: 2560-3922
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ABC Journal of Advanced Research

ISSN: 2304-2621eISSN: 2312-203X
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ABC Research Alert

eISSN: 2413-5224
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ABCD. Arquivos Brasileiros de Cirurgia Digestiva (São Paulo)

ISSN: 0102-6720eISSN: 2317-6326

To publish articles of clinical and experimental studies that foster the advancement of research, teaching and assistance in surgical, clinical, and endoscopic gastroenterology, and related areas.

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ABE Journal: Architecture beyond Europe

eISSN: 2275-6639
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ABI Technik: Zeitschrift für Automation, Bau und Technik im Archiv-, Bibliotheks- und Informationswesen

ISSN: 0720-6763eISSN: 2191-4664
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ABO: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts, 1640-1830

ISSN: 2157-7129
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ISSN: 0065-7727

ABU Technical Review

ISSN: 0126-6209

ABside. Rivista di Storia dell’Arte

eISSN: 2704-8837
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ACADEMO: Revista de Investigación en Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades

eISSN: 2414-8938
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ACC Journal

eISSN: 2571-0613
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ACE: Architecture, City and Environment

eISSN: 1886-4805
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ACG Case Reports Journal

eISSN: 2326-3253
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ACH - Models in Chemistry

ISSN: 1217-8969
Publisher: Akademiai Kiado

ACI Materials Journal

ISSN: 0889-325X

ounded in 1904 and headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan, the American Concrete Institute is advancing concrete knowledge by conducting 125 seminars annually, managing 14 different certification programs, publishing hundreds of technical documents, and offering scholarships to students in the field. With 98 chapters, 37 student chapters, and nearly 20,000 members spanning over 120 countries, the American Concrete Institute has always retained the same basic mission - to develop, share, and disseminate the knowledge and information needed to utilize concrete to its fullest potential.

ACI Open

eISSN: 2566-9346

ACI Open is an Open Access companion journal to Applied Clinical Informatics (ACI). It is published by Thieme in cooperation with Schattauer publishing subject matters in the field of clinical informatics including clinical information systems (including electronic medical records and systems, personal health records, physician/provider order entry, electronic prescribing, clinical decision support, nursing information systems, patient scheduling and tracking tools, lab information systems, radiology information systems, PACS, GP information systems), mobile health applications, administrative and management systems, eHealth systems, information technology development, deployment, usability, and evaluation, socio-technical aspects of information technology and health IT training. ACI Open is an official ejournal of AMIA.

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ACI Structural Journal

eISSN: 0889-3241

ounded in 1904 and headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan, the American Concrete Institute is advancing concrete knowledge by conducting 125 seminars annually, managing 14 different certification programs, publishing hundreds of technical documents, and offering scholarships to students in the field. With 98 chapters, 37 student chapters, and nearly 20,000 members spanning over 120 countries, the American Concrete Institute has always retained the same basic mission - to develop, share, and disseminate the knowledge and information needed to utilize concrete to its fullest potential.


ISSN: 1024-9435
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ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

ISSN: 0000-0001

The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems is the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction. For first-time attendees, CHI is a place where researchers and practitioners gather from across the world to discuss the latest in interactive technology. We are a multicultural community from highly diverse backgrounds who together investigate new and creative ways for people to interact.

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ACM Communications in Computer Algebra

ISSN: 1932-2232
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ACM Computing Surveys

ISSN: 0360-0300eISSN: 1557-7341

The ACM Computing Surveys publishes surveys of and tutorials on areas of computing research or practice. See the Editorial Charter available at for further details. Contributions should conform to generally accepted practices for scientific papers with respect to organization and style.Types of PapersSubmissions must be of one of the following types.Survey paper A paper that summarizes and organizes recent research results in a novel way that integrates and add understanding to work in the field. A survey article assumes a general knowledge of the area; it emphasizes the classification of the existing literature, developing a perspective on the area, and evaluating trends. Tutorial paper A paper that organizes and introduces work in the field. A tutorial paper assumes its audience is inexpert; it emphasizes the basic concepts of the field and provides concrete examples that embody these concepts. Symposium Proposals Proposals for editing Symposium issues covering areas or topics of research, such as the Symposium on Artificial Intelligence appearing in Volume 27, Number 3 (September 1995). Paper LengthPapers should not normally exceed 35 pages when formatted using the Surveys style. When justified, additional material may be published in an electronic supplement. Manuscripts of excessive length may be rejected without review.

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ACM Inroads

ISSN: 2153-2184eISSN: 2153-2192
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ACM Journal on Autonomous Transportation Systems

eISSN: 2833-0528
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ACM Journal on Computing and Sustainable Societies

eISSN: 2834-5533
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Journal on Educational Resources in Computing

ISSN: 1531-4278
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ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems

ISSN: 1550-4832eISSN: 1550-4840

The ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems invites submissions of original technical papers describing research and development in emerging technologies in computing systems. Major economic and technical challenges are expected to impede the continued scaling of semiconductor devices. This has resulted in the search for alternate mechanical, biological/biochemical, nanoscale electronic, green and sustainable computing, asynchronous and quantum computing, and sensor technologies. As the underlying nanotechnologies continue to evolve in the labs of chemists, physicists, and biologists, it has become imperative for computer scientists and engineers to translate the potential of the basic building blocks (analogous to the transistor) emerging from these labs into information systems. Their design will face multiple challenges ranging from the inherent (un)reliability due to the self-assembly nature of the fabrication processes for nanotechnologies, from the complexity due to the sheer volume of nanodevices that will have to be integrated for complex functionality, and from the need to integrate these new nanotechnologies with silicon devices in the same system.

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ACM Journal on Experimental Algorithmics

eISSN: 1084-6654
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ACM Journal on Responsible Computing

eISSN: 2832-0565
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ACM Letters on Programming Languages and Systems

ISSN: 0164-0925eISSN: 1558-4593

language design for sequential and parallel programming programming language implementation programming language semantics compilers and interpreters runtime systems for program execution storage allocation and garbage collection languages and methods for writing program specifications languages and methods for secure and reliable programs testing and verification of programsPapers can be either theoretical or experimental in style, but in either case, they must contain innovative and novel content that advances the state of the art of programming languages and systems. We also invite strictly experimental papers that compare existing approaches, tutorial, and survey papers.

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ACM SIGACCESS accessibility and computing/Accessibility and computing

ISSN: 1558-1187

ACM SIGBIO newsletter/SIGBIO newsletter

ISSN: 0163-5697

ACM SIGCAS Computers & Society

ISSN: 0095-2737
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ACM SIGCAS Conference on Computing and Sustainable Societies (COMPASS)

ISSN: 2018-40380

The first annual ACM SIGCAS Conference on Computing and Sustainable Societies (COMPASS 2018) invites submissions of Full Papers and Notes for the conference to be hosted at Facebook (San Francisco, CA) from June 20th to June 22nd, 2018. ACM COMPASS is a re-creation of the ACM DEV conference, which was held annually between 2010 and 2016. The new conference expands the focus of the original conference to explicitly welcome work on underrepresented communities worldwide and to include work on sustainability. To ensure strong technical contributions, the conference will accept papers and notes based on tracks corresponding to the computing areas they draw upon. The tracks for the 2018 conference are Systems, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Data Science, and Applications.

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ACM SIGICE bulletin/SIGICE bulletin

ISSN: 1078-134X

ACM SIGMICRO newsletter/SIGMICRO newsletter/SIGMICRO, TCMICRO newsletter

ISSN: 0163-5751

ACM SIGPLAN LISP pointers/LISP pointers

ISSN: 1045-3563


ISSN: 1523-2867
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ACM SIGSAC review/SIG security, audit & control review

ISSN: 0277-920X

ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems

ISSN: 9876-5432

The CC-BY 4.0 license is only available for full and short research papers with selection of 1. the fee-based Open Access option and 2. the ACM Permission and Release Form (non-exclusive publishing license).

ACM brings together computing educators, researchers, and professionals to inspire dialogue, share resources, and address the field's challenges. As the world’s largest computing society, ACM strengthens the profession's collective voice through strong leadership, promotion of the highest standards, and recognition of technical excellence. ACM supports the professional growth of its members by providing opportunities for life-long learning, career development, and professional networking.

Founded at the dawn of the computer age, ACM’s reach extends to every part of the globe, with more than half of its 100,000 members residing outside the U.S.  Its growing membership has led to Councils in Europe, India, and China, fostering networking opportunities that strengthen ties within and across countries and technical communities.  Their actions enhance ACM’s ability to raise awareness of computing’s important technical, educational, and social issues around the world.

ACM SIGSPATIAL Workshop on Smart Cities and Urban Analytics, UrbanGIS@SIGSPATIAL

ISSN: 8912-3456

The CC-BY 4.0 license is only available for full and short research papers with selection of 1. the fee-based Open Access option and 2. the ACM Permission and Release Form (non-exclusive publishing license).

ACM brings together computing educators, researchers, and professionals to inspire dialogue, share resources, and address the field's challenges. As the world’s largest computing society, ACM strengthens the profession's collective voice through strong leadership, promotion of the highest standards, and recognition of technical excellence. ACM supports the professional growth of its members by providing opportunities for life-long learning, career development, and professional networking.

Founded at the dawn of the computer age, ACM’s reach extends to every part of the globe, with more than half of its 100,000 members residing outside the U.S.  Its growing membership has led to Councils in Europe, India, and China, fostering networking opportunities that strengthen ties within and across countries and technical communities.  Their actions enhance ACM’s ability to raise awareness of computing’s important technical, educational, and social issues around the world.

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ACM SIGUCCS plugged in

ISSN: 2168-8516

ACM SIGWEB newsletter/SIGWEB newsletter

ISSN: 1931-1435

ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing

ISSN: 1936-7228eISSN: 1936-7236
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ACM Transactions on Algorithms

ISSN: 1549-6325eISSN: 1549-6333

ACM Transactions on Algorithms welcomes submissions of original research of the highest quality dealing with algorithms that are inherently discrete and finite, and having mathematical content in a natural way, either in the objective or in the analysis. Most welcome are new algorithms and data structures, new and improved analyses, and complexity results. Specific areas of computation covered by the journal include * combinatorial searches and objects; * counting; * discrete optimization and approximation; * randomization; * parallel and distributed computation; * algorithms for * graphs, * geometry, * arithmetic, * number theory, * strings; * on-line analysis; * cryptography; * coding; * data compression; * learning algorithms; * methods of algorithmic analysis; * discrete algorithms for application areas such as * biology, * economics, * game theory, * communication, * computer systems and architecture, * hardware design, * scientific computing This area list will evolve as the research community explores new areas. In addition to original research articles TALG will include special features appearing from time to time such as invited columns and a problems section.

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ACM Transactions on Applied Perception

ISSN: 1544-3558eISSN: 1544-3965

Individual articles published in ACM Transactions on Applied Perception are available through the Article Express International FAX service. If you wish to search for specific articles, go to our Past Issues. Note that abstracts for many of the articles are available online, and ACM TAP subscribers may download electronic versions of the latest articles.

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ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization

ISSN: 1544-3566eISSN: 1544-3973

The ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization focuses on hardware, software, and system research spanning the fields of computer architecture and code optimization. Articles that appear in TACO present new techniques and concepts or report on experiences and experiments with actual systems. Insights useful to architects, hardware or software developers, designers, builders, and are emphasized.

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ACM Transactions on Asian and Low-Resource Language Information Processing

ISSN: 2375-4699eISSN: 2375-4702
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ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems

ISSN: 1556-4665eISSN: 1556-4703

ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (TAAS) is a venue for high quality research contributions addressing foundational, engineering, and technological aspects of computing systems exhibiting emergent and adaptive behaviour. TAAS encourages contributions aimed at supporting the understanding, development, and control of such systems based on sound theoretical models, including but not limited to bio-inspired models. ACM TAAS spans complexity, self-adaptation, autonomic computing, and multi-agent systems. It addresses research being undertaken by an interdisciplinary research computing community -- and provide a common platform under which this work can be published and disseminated. Such a common view would consider macro-behavior of decentralized applications emerging from micro-behavior of its autonomous, possibly mobile components.

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ACM Transactions on Computation Theory

ISSN: 1942-3454eISSN: 1942-3462
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ACM Transactions on Computational Logic

ISSN: 1529-3785eISSN: 1557-945X

For the purposes of TOCL, the field of computational logic consists of all uses of logic in computer science. This area has a great tradition in computer science. Several researchers who earned the ACM Turing award have also contributed to this field, namely Edgar Codd (relational database systems), Stephen Cook (complexity of logical theories), Edsger W. Dijkstra, Robert W. Floyd, Tony Hoare, Amir Pnueli, and Dana Scott (program logics, program derivation and verification, programming languages semantics), Robin Milner (interactive theorem proving, concurrency calculi, and functional programming), and John McCarthy (functional programming and logics in AI).

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ACM Transactions on Computer Systems

ISSN: 0734-2071eISSN: 1557-7333

The purpose of ACM Transactions on Computer Systems is to present research and development results on the design, specification, realization, behavior, and use of computer systems. The term "computer systems" is interpreted broadly and includes systems architectures, operating systems, distributed systems, and computer networks. Articles that appear in TOCS will tend either to present new techniques and concepts or to report on experiences and experiments with actual systems. Insights useful to system designers, builders, and users will be emphasized. Among the topics within the scope of TOCS are the following: design of entire systemstechnology shiftsengineering trade-offsstorage managementsystem-user interfacecommunication managementreliabilityimplementation techniquessystem validationperformance models design of system componentsprocessor managementsecurityfile systemsprotocolsdata organizationfault toleranceinformation flowsystem verificationperformance analysisIt is possible that a TOCS paper of interest to a large segment of the computing community would be published in Communications in order to keep the general ACM membership apprised of developments in the systems area. TOCS publishes research and technical papers, both short and long. It includes technical correspondence to permit commentary on technical topics and on previously published papers.

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ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction

ISSN: 1073-0516eISSN: 1557-7325

This ACM Transaction seeks to be the premier archival journal in the multidisciplinary field of human-computer interaction. Since its first issue in March 1994, it has presented work of the highest scientific quality that contributes to the practice in the present and future. The primary emphasis is on results of broad application, but the journal considers original work focused on specific domains, on special requirements, on ethical issues -- the full range of design, development, and use of interactive systems.

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ACM Transactions on Computing Education

eISSN: 1946-6226
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ACM Transactions on Database Systems

ISSN: 0362-5915eISSN: 1557-4644

The ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS) publishes original archival papers in the area of databases and closely related disciplines. The majority of the papers that have appeared in TODS address the logical and technical foundation of data management.The international Editorial Board is composed of recognized experts in the various subareas of this field, all with a commitment to maintain TODS as the premier publication in this active field. Papers can be submitted directly to any of the editors. The Editorial Board maintains contact with ACM's Special Interest Group on Management and Organization of Data (SIGMOD), as well as with other societies, to encourage submittal of advanced and original papers. When appropriate, concise results may be submitted as technical notes; technical comments on earlier publications are welcome as well.

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ACM Transactions on Economics and Computation

ISSN: 2167-8375eISSN: 2167-8383
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ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems

ISSN: 1539-9087eISSN: 1558-3465

A special issue serves several purposes: it provides a well-defined location for papers that relate to a common theme; it can serve as a catalyst for an emerging field by providing that highly-visible forum for the topic; and it encourages authors to submit high-quality work by providing them with a focused review process and publication schedule. TECS is committed to providing adequate space to regular submissions to the transactions, but TECS is also happy to provide room for special issues of interest to the embedded systems community.A special issue may be instigated by the TECS editorial staff or may be proposed by potential guest editor(s). The special issue associate editor works with the TECS editorial staff to refine the special issue's call for papers and set a timetable for submission and review. The call for papers is then publicized through a variety of mechanisms: notices in TECS and other publications, Web sites, flyers at conferences etc.Authors submit their special issue contributions to the TECS Web site. Authors must be sure to use the Web site's mechanism to mark the contribution as a special issue submission; as a safety measure, authors should also put the special issue name on the first page of the submission.Submissions to the special issue must be accepted on the first round of review; the special issue associate editor may request minor changes to the paper before publication. Since journal articles typically go through two rounds of review before publication, the special issue process offers quick archival publication for papers that meet the highest standards.

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ACM Transactions on Evolutionary Learning and Optimization

ISSN: 2688-299XeISSN: 2688-3007
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ACM Transactions on Graphics

ISSN: 0730-0301eISSN: 1557-7368

As illustrated below, the TOG journal has a strong synergy with ACM SIGGRAPH, the premiere conference organization in graphics. Of the six issues published by TOG each year, two are special issues containing the papers presented at the annual SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia conferences. Conversely, authors of papers published in the regular issues of TOG can present their work at either of these two conferences. Also, several paths provide reviewer continuity between the conference and the journal.

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ACM Transactions on Human-Robot Interaction

eISSN: 2573-9522
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ACM Transactions on Information Systems

ISSN: 1046-8188eISSN: 1558-2868

ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS) is a scholarly journal that publishes the highest quality papers about the design and evaluation of computer software that helps people find, organize, analyze, and use information in a variety of media. TOIS is published quarterly.

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ACM Transactions on Information and System Security

ISSN: 1094-9224eISSN: 1557-7406

ACM, the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession. ACM provides the computing field's premier Digital Library and serves its members and the computing profession with leading-edge publications, conferences, and career resources.

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ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology

ISSN: 2157-6904eISSN: 2157-6912
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ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems

ISSN: 2160-6455eISSN: 2160-6463
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ACM Transactions on Internet Technology

ISSN: 1533-5399eISSN: 1557-6051

The Association for Computing Machinery's Transactions on Internet Technology (TOIT) is a scholarly, scientific journal that publishes original research papers in all areas of network and web systems, digital public policy, and other technically oriented issues on the design, use, and services of the Internet. Established in the Summer of 2001, the journal has emerged as one of the premier venues in networking, web, security, and public policy research. TOIT is part of the family of journals produced by the ACM.

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ACM Transactions on Internet of Things

ISSN: 2691-1914eISSN: 2577-6207
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ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data

ISSN: 1556-4681eISSN: 1556-472X
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ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems

ISSN: 2158-656XeISSN: 2158-6578
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